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Black-bellied Caterpillar / Conopophaga melanogaster


The family Caterpillars - Conopophagidae - contains several species of small birds belonging to the genus Conopophaga. Their body length is 12-18 cm. Outwardly, they resemble small pittas - with high legs and a short body, although not such a rainbow color. The head is contrasting black, red or brown. The top is usually reddish, brownish or blackish. The abdomen is light. In males, unlike females, ears of long white feathers stretch behind the eyes.

Caterpillars are terrestrial; they are found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. They have short, rounded wings. They rarely fly, are saddles. The way of life is almost unexplored. They feed on the ground in the forest floor on insects and other invertebrates. Spherical nests are built near the ground. The clutch should contain 2 cream-colored eggs with pinkish or brown specks and specks. Distributed exclusively in the tropical forest regions of South America.

Conopophaga lineata
Conopophaga aurita
Conopophaga roberti
Conopophaga peruviana
Conopophaga ardesiaca
Conopophaga castaneiceps
Conopophaga melanops
Conopophaga melanogaster

The red-toothed caterpillar (Conopophaga aurita) has a chestnut upper body and black sides of the head, forehead and throat. The chestnut-red crown of the male is separated from the black sides of the head by a bunch of long white feathers extending back from the eye. A wide stripe of chestnut color runs across the chest, the rest of the bottom is whitish. The legs are blue-gray. Wing length 6.5 cm. This species is distributed from Suriname to the west to the Colombian Andes, to the south to the Amazon valley.


As of September 2018, 9 species are included in the genus:

  • Conopophaga roberti Hellmayr, 1905 - Black-headed caterpillar
  • Conopophaga aurita J. F. Gmelin, 1789 - Golden caterpillar, or red-bellied caterpillar
  • Conopophaga ardesiaca dOrbigny & Lafresnaye, 1837 - Gray-breasted caterpillar
  • Conopophaga cearae Cory, 1916
  • Conopophaga peruviana Des Murs, 1856 - Gray-throated caterpillar
  • Conopophaga lineata zu Wied-Neuwied, 1831 - Red-throated caterpillar
  • Conopophaga castaneiceps P. L. Sclater, 1857 - Red-capped caterpillar
  • Conopophaga melanops Vieillot, 1818 - Black-faced caterpillar
  • Conopophaga melanogaster Menetries, 1835 - Black-bellied caterpillar

  • spectacular plumage, this and other caterpillars lead a secretive lifestyle and are often invisible. Black-cheeked caterpillars are monogamous and territorial birds
  • Golden caterpillar or red-bellied caterpillar lat. Conopophaga aurita is a species of passerine birds from the caterpillar family Conopophagidae Its range
  • however, it is more common and less shy than other caterpillars Red-throated caterpillar is a small, plump bird, 13 cm long, with a short tail
  • unlike females, ears of long white feathers stretch behind the eyes. Caterpillars are terrestrial. They have short, rounded wings. They rarely
  • filidor Automolus leucophthalmus black-cheeked caterpillar Conopophaga melanops red-throated caterpillar Conopophaga lineata blue-capped momot Momotus
  • hawk Buteogallus lacernulatus black-cheeked caterpillar Conopophaga melanops red-throated caterpillar Conopophaga lineata yellow-necked plume cottinga

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Conopophagidae Family of Konopophagida, Caterpillars.

Caterpillars are terrestrial; they are found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. They have short, rounded wings. They rarely fly. UDC 598 Sauropsida. Lizard birds are a common ancestor. The main genus of normal caterpillars Conopophaga includes 9 species. The red-breasted caterpillar C. aurita belongs to this genus. Entries tagged birds Nature nature around us. See the translation, definition, meaning examples for Caterpillars in English, find out synonyms, antonyms, and also listen. Family Caterpillars Conopophagidae. Stove makers 142. Pointing frogs, caterpillars, toyakolo, pseudo-snakes 143. Lyrebirds, bowerbirds, malura 144. Atrichia, honey suckers 145. Honey suckers 146.

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At one time they were counted among ant traps. 9 species of Conopophaga caterpillars, but tracheo bronchial rather than tracheal tracheal signs. Caterpillars are What are Caterpillars ?. Lesser Tanager Humboldt Penguin Caterpillar. D. Darwin's nandu bicolor green kingfisher bicolor sharp-billed songbill bicolor. Caterpillars Birds. Marble teal Marmaronetta angustirostris Anttrap and caterpillars Formicariidae Ant minting of Arnot Myrmecocichla arnoti.

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Family TRACKED. ON OFF LIST mode. Genus Caterpillar Genus Caterpillar photo Conopophaga. Description and books. 55 geosciences geological sciences Document T. Lower classifications :. What birds are there for the letter g Why. The main genus of normal caterpillars Conopophaga includes the red-headed caterpillar C. aurita.

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The black-faced caterpillar is widespread in the east of Brazil from the state. Despite the spectacular plumage, this and other caterpillars are leading. Suborder Screaming Clamatores, or Tyranni N. A. Gladkov. Family: Caterpillars, Conopophagidae. Family: Tapakolo, Pteroptochidae. 2. Suborder: Symmetrically muscular or uneven,. Caterpillars Knowledge card. Familia Conopophagidae, Family Caterpillars, Family Gnateaters. Conopophaga nigricornis. Horned caterpillar. Habitat: chaparral and.

Index of animals and plants of the Neocene.

Did you mean: Caterpillars Conopophagidae LifeCatalog. Caterpillars UDC 598.281.4 Dendrocolaptidae. Dart frogs UDC 598.281.5 Formicariidae. Ant-trap UDC 598.282 Menuridae. Lyre birds. Caterpillars: translation into english, examples, synonyms. Caterpillars Caterpillars Anseriformes Geese Goose Gustera Ross Goose White-breasted goose Gutton spiders Gyurza. Animals with the letter G complete list of animals on the planet. On this topic. Caterpillar meanings Caterpillar graph theory Caterpillar Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar Caterpillar tributary Blacksmiths.

Caterpillars Wildlife.

Caterpillar is a detachment of passerines, a family of caterpillars. Red-bellied caterpillar Conopophaga aurita. Habitat South America. Swipe. Caterpillars watch online videos in excellent quality and without. Caterpillar Red-throated Conopophaga lineata Caterpillars Anttrap and Formicariidae African dwarf goose.

Tuners. Tunicats.

Tawny Owls New Zealand ducks New Zealand thuja Normal caterpillars Diving Monkey eater Inca Oatmeal Oatmeal Eyes of Fire. Anttrap and caterpillar Formicariidae Birds. Caterpillars animal geese animal goose animal Dacnis animal two-horned birds rhinoceroses animal maiden loris animal.

Birds of South America Photo Titled smartglass.

Miracles Caterpillar tributary of the Blacksmiths Caterpillar values ​​Caterpillar track Caterpillar drive Gumenis Caterpillar-eater Caterpillars. Category: Genera of birds a 1. All caterpillars are surprisingly indifferent to the presence of humans. Of the 8 species of these birds, the red-throated caterpillar is the most. Caterpillar watch online videos in excellent quality and without. Caterpillars are terrestrial. They have short, rounded wings. They rarely fly, are saddles. The way of life is almost unexplored. They eat on.

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Comes from the Caribbean, in particular from the island of Jamaica. Occurs in small streams and rivers with large sandbanks and rocky rapids flowing in hilly terrain.

Brief information:

  • The volume of the aquarium is from 40 liters.
  • Temperature - 22-28 ° C
  • PH value - 7.0-8.5
  • Water hardness - medium to high hardness (15-30 dGH)
  • Substrate type - any
  • Lighting - any
  • Brackish water - no
  • Water movement - weak or moderate
  • The size of the fish is 5 cm.
  • Food - any
  • Temperament - peaceful
  • Content alone or in a group


Adults reach a length of up to 5 cm, males are somewhat smaller (no more than 4 cm). The color is gray with a bluish sheen, the abdomen is silvery. A characteristic feature is the presence of a dark area in the lower body.


Undemanding to the diet, the species will accept most popular feeds of suitable size (live, frozen and dry).

Maintenance and care, arrangement of the aquarium

The optimal tank volume for a flock of Black-bellied Limias starts from 40 liters. Any design at the discretion of the aquarist, the main thing is to provide areas with dense vegetation and several open areas for swimming. There are no special requirements for the maintenance of this species, it is enough to change part of the water (15–20% of the volume) weekly with fresh water and regularly clean the aquarium from organic waste.

Behavior and compatibility

Peaceful and calm fish, it goes well with many other species of similar size and temperament. It is advisable to keep in a ratio of 2-3 females per male, so that his attention is dispersed to several partners, since during the spawning period he becomes overly active and can pretty much bother the female if she is alone.

Breeding / reproduction

Black-bellied limia belongs to the representatives of viviparous species, that is, the fish do not lay eggs, but give birth to already fully formed offspring, the entire incubation period takes place in the body of the female. Under favorable conditions, an adult female is capable of producing offspring every 6–8 weeks. Each brood can contain up to 25 fry. Unlike other viviparous species, cases of cannibalism are rare among Limias, especially in the presence of reliable shelters (thickets of plants) for juveniles, so the offspring can be left with adult fish.

Diseases of fish

Health problems arise only in case of injury or when kept in unsuitable conditions, which suppresses the immune system and, as a result, provokes the onset of any disease. If the first symptoms appear, first of all, it is necessary to check the water for exceeding certain indicators or the presence of dangerous concentrations of toxic substances (nitrites, nitrates, ammonium, etc.). If deviations are found, bring all the values ​​back to normal and only then start treatment. Read more about the symptoms and treatment methods in the section "Diseases of aquarium fish".