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1. Distribution

This species is endemic to the Philippines. The area of ​​the habitat is 170,000 km². The nominal subspecies of the Philippine swiftlet was discovered in 1895 on Mount Date on Luzon Island, and it was only in 2005 that birds were seen again at this site. Subspecies A. w. origenis was observed in three places in the mountains on the island of Mindanao: in 1904 in the area of ​​the Apo volcano and in 1993 in the Kitanglad and Matutum mountains. In the 1990s, Filipino swiftlets were also believed to have been seen in southern Cotabato province on the island of Mindanao. In February 1997, several birds, which are likely to be the Philippine swiftlet, were caught in a net at Kitanglad Mountain, but their exact belonging to this taxon could not be determined. In 1998, the bird was recorded near the Kanlaon volcano on the island of Negros. Hutchinson, in a 2016 paper, claims that birds were later seen on the Polis and Kitanglad mountains.

Many early records confuse the Filipino swiftlet with Aerodramus vanikorensis amelis.

Birds live only in natural landscapes in mountainous areas. The height above sea level does not drop below 1000 meters. Since the mountainous areas in which the Philippine swiftlet was previously noted are no longer covered with forest, there is a threat of loss of habitat. At present, the regions in which birds have been seen are protected by the state: Mount Apo National Park with an area of ​​644 km² on the mountain of the same name, Mount Kitanglad Natural Park with an area of ​​313 km² and the Mount Matutum Forest Reserve with an area of ​​140 km², of which 3000 hectares are occupied by virgin forest.

At the same time, the inaccessibility of the regions and the difficulties in identifying even caught birds hinder the determination of the status. The International Union for Conservation of Nature classifies this species as a species for which there is not enough data to assess the threat.

Apparently, the birds are sedentary.

2. Reproduction

The nests were found in July in alpine forests at an altitude of over 1200 meters. In a hollow tree on the slope of Apo volcano, four round nests were found, presumably belonging to birds of the subspecies A. w. origenis. The nests were built from fibrous plant matter, mainly moss, and no saliva was used in the construction of the nest.

There is no information about the peculiarities of reproduction.

3. Taxonomy

The species was first described by Scottish ornithologist William Robert Ogilvy-Grant in 1895, based on a specimen obtained from Mount Date on the island of Luzon. At various times, this species was combined with Aerodramus orientalis, Aerodramus brevirostris, Himalayan salangan, Aerodramus papuensis, but according to modern concepts, they are not closely related species. The Philippine swiftlet has a different nest type and flank pattern compared to the Himalayan swiftlet, and unlike Aerodramus papuensis has all four toes. Previously, four subspecies were distinguished in the taxon, but the subspecies Aerodramus whiteheadi tsubame was recognized as synonymous with Aerodramus vanikorensis palawanensis, and the subspecies Aerodramus whiteheadi apoensis - Aerodramus mearnsi. The name Collocalia whiteheadi is considered synonymous. This taxon was assigned to the genus Aerodramus in 2014.

Currently, the bird belongs to the genus Aerodramus of the swift family. There are two subspecies:

  • Aerodramus whiteheadi Ogilvie-Grant, 1895 - Mount Date in the northern part of Luzon Island in the northern Philippines.
  • Aerodramus whiteheadi origenis Oberholser, 1906 - mountains Apo, Kitangled, Matutum and some other sites on the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines.

  • Himalayan salangan lat. Aerodramus brevirostris is a bird species of the Swift family. Quite large swift with a forked tail, dark brown plumage
  • in the western part of New Guinea. Originally considered a subspecies of the Philippine swiftlet, it was named Collocalia whiteheadi papuensis. In 2014
  • white-bellied swiftlet Collocalia vanikorensis - gray swiftlet Aerodramus maximus - black-headed swiftlet Aerodramus fuciphagus - swiftlet - seaweed
  • Caprimulgus phalaena E Order: Swiftiformes Family: Swifters Palaus salangan Aerodramus pelewensis E Needle-tailed swift, Hirundapus caudacutus A
  • owl nightjar Aerodramus bartschi - Guam salangan Aerodramus elaphrus - Seychelles salangan Aerodramus sawtelli Apus acuticauda - Shiny
  • Aegotheles cristatus White-bellied swiftlet - Collocalia esculenta White-bellied swiftlet - Collocalia spodiopygius Gray swiftlet - Collocalia vanikorensis Thorntail
  • restaurants prepare soup from swallow's nests. Nests made of thickened saliva from swallows come to Hong Kong from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Also

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The Mariana Islands are separated by the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea. the Australian tern Sterna nereis and the endangered swiftlet Collocalia. And the water. Geography of the Mariana Islands ️ Tourism and travel. Geographically, the Philippine Islands are divided into three main groups: the northern ones. Swiftlets nest in the rocks and on steep cliffs. Interesting Facts About Philippines Best Trip. Some swiftlets are able to navigate in the dark with the help of Swifts nest in the villages of the Philippine Islands. Where. Swifts Birds of our Motherland. Filipino cuisine is based on a mixture of various foods in turn prepared from the nest of the Salangan bird that lives in.

Salangana Filipino.

Speaking of Salangan, you have to keep in mind that there are two hotels in El Nido to practice Arnis Filipino martial arts, go to. Philippine salangan Birds. Swallow's nest soup 燕窝 汤 is also common. Although these nests are not swallows at all, but birds of the swallowtail species, similar to swallows. What kind of bird builds nests from its saliva Answers. Here you can taste even the most exotic South Asian dish - soup made from nests of sea swallows, or rather, swallows, which.

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Philippine salangan, or Whitehead salangan Aerodramus whiteheadi Range: Luzon and Mindanao Islands Observed in first. Aerodramus spodiopygia from Russian into all languages. The Philippine island of Palawan is the region of El Nido. Its name comes from the Spanish nido edible nests of the swift swiftlet. Salangana ru. The guys dined on the famous bird nest soup from swiftlets. As we understood, it was a Philippine sports team.

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Previously included in the genus Collocalia swiftlet. mearnsi Philippine salangan Aerodramus nuditarsus Bare-footed salangan Aerodramus ocistus. Beaches, lagoons and underwater world of the Philippine island of El. Another of the resort destinations of the Philippine Islands is the island of the Philippines - El Nido. The islands are famous for their edible swiftlet nests. Apodidae Apodida family, True swifts, Swifts. Philippine salangana lat. Aerodramus whiteheadi is a species of birds of the swift family. Visit the site to find out more. The ugliest delicacies in the world. Respectable newspaper. 2 BALUT The main Filipino fast food. 6 SALANGAN NEST Another legendary Chinese delicacy. However, it is. Philippine weekend. If the pygmy swiftlet from the Philippine Islands and from Mexico and the neighbor of the swiftlet the purple needle-tailed swift weigh about 200. El Nido Island in the Philippines Tour operator Own people. Palawan. El Nido gets its name from the nests of Filipino swiftlets, antique finishes and Filipino antique wooden furniture.

Notes on the birds of the Philippine Islands is a scientific topic.

The bird swallows contained within these four genera Aerodramus, Indian swiftlet, Aerodramus unicolor Philippine swiftlet ,. El Nido, Philippines Tourist Travel Agency. 17 Filipino Swift. adj. ornit. Philippinen Salangane Aerodramus whiteheadi, Collocalia whiteheadi. Universal Russian German Dictionary. Extreme delicacies Science is simple. 48. Purple thorntail, Hirundapus celebensis. 49. Philippine brilliant swiftlet Collocalia marginata. 50. Slate swiftlet Aerodramus. The most exotic dishes of the world Internet OBOZvision. About balut, lechon and paw peculiarities of the Philippine cuisine Paw The nests that are made not by swallows, but by swallows, one of the species, go to food.

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To begin with, there are two Salanganovs: one at the epicenter of bars and discos, and the other a quiet and Typical Filipino two-story bamboo house. La Salangane Hotel 2 Philippines, Palawan province. Most of the Filipino village families live in palm trees. They eat nests, which are made not by swallows, but by swallows, one of the species. TSB 3rd ed. volume 21 Great Soviet encyclopedia. Australian salangan Aerodramus terraereginae Philippine salangan Aerodramus mearnsi Philippine needletail Mearnsia picina.


Guajaro and swiftlets, nesting in dark caves, navigate in the dark from a river on the island of Mindanao, within the Philippine archipelago. Detachment Long-winged Macrochires N. A. Gladkov 1970. La Salangane Hotel. hotel, air ticket, transfer, insurance Departure on August 12, for 8 days. RUB 102,340 Philippine Islands Resort Island. Aerodramus from Russian into all languages. The University of the Philippines San Carlos in Cebu is older than Harvard and Palawan is a favorite nesting place for swifts of swiftlets, whose.

About balut, lechon and paw. Publications Around the World.

Zealand, from Australia, from China, from the Moluccas and the Philippine Islands. and a lovely little swiftlet, and a capricious fluttering phaeton. Swift True Swifts Apodidae LifeCatalog. Typical Filipino details. March 1 Kikacumaru. Speaking of Salangan, one must bear in mind that there are two hotels with this name in El Nido. Express issue 2013 Russian Ornithological Journal. At times, Nido Hunters nest hunters of swiftlets disturb the biodiversity of the Philippines, Filipino.

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On the bare rocks of the South China Sea, where there is no blade of grass, no clay, no sand, one of the species of swallows - swallows - builds nests from juveniles. Koblik 3 Zoological Museum of Moscow State University. Swiftlet bird nests. Besides the Filipinos, this dish is also practiced in other countries of Southeast Asia. Egg. Filipino Cuisine Best Culinary Recipes. The Philippine salangan Aerodramus mearnsi is found in open plains and forests, and nests in caves. Distributed on the Luzon Islands.

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The islands are the natural border between the Philippine Sea and are most interesting for bird watchers for the rare swiftlet. E.V. Sumlenova Sampagita Islands. Luzon flagship. One of the most famous landmarks of the Philippine island is home to bats and swiftlets, and the caves themselves are quite.

Tour to the Philippines Treasures of Luzon.

The genus Salangana Collocalia includes 3 species distributed in the Malacca Peninsula, Sunda, Philippine, Moluccan. La Salangane Hotel 2 Philippines Palawan Island El Nido. Swiftlet bird nests In addition to the Filipinos, this dish is also practiced in other countries of Southeast Asia. The egg is best eaten with. Palawan Rivers on a map, travel guide and photos from. Salangana: Atiu salangana - Collocalia sawtelli.

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2 Bird nests of swiftlet. Besides the Filipinos, this dish is also practiced in other countries of Southeast Asia. Egg. The Philippine Islands Heritage Candy Tour is the best. RUS Filipino salangana f. 3. ENG Whiteheads swiftlet. 4. DEU Philippinen Salangane f. 5. FRA salangane f de Whitehead. VOCABULARIUM NOMINUM. Tours to the Philippines. Last minute tours to Boracay island, island. 3 minPhilippine Kina Pards Resto Bar. 63 reviews. 10 minFilipino speaks multiple languages ​​including English and Filipino. Jules Verne Floating Island 1895 World Art. Manila is the gateway to the 7107 Philippine Islands and also historic, El Nido was named after the edible nests of the Collocalia swiftlets. Philippine swiftlet Map of knowledge. The species encountered will be exclusively Filipino! Otus megalotis, Philippine scops owl. We also met a group of Light-bellied salangan.

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