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Falco, Tal chhapar blackbuck, churu rajasthan


1) Spelling of a word: laggar 2) Stress in a word: lagg`ar 3) Division of a word into syllables (hyphenation): laggar 4) Phonetic transcription of a word. watch

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Video "Laggar or Lugger Falcon or Falco Jagger sat with eye contact in winter morning by car at Tal chhapar blackbuck sanctuary Churu Rajasthan India" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The video is available for download in high quality with a resolution up to 1920x1080.

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Indian Saker Falcon, Laggar Falco jugger

Distribution area India, Burma, Belyuchistan, Afghanistan, in our country - in the Turkestan Territory (given for Kara-Tau, Chinaz and Fergana, but only the second location is reliable - and then one specimen, a young molting female, taken on April 26, 1878 by V. Russov).

It differs from the previous forms in that the inner fan of the flight feather is usually without a notch, the head is reddish-brown with light edging of feathers or reddish with narrow brown trunks, a light whitish eyebrow, the top is grayish-brown with light narrow edges, tail feathers are brownish gray with whitish transverse stripes on the inner webs, the middle ones are monochromatic, all have a light apical border, the underparts are whitish, slightly mottled brown, the undertail is often with a transverse pattern, the sides and trousers are brown. Young birds are darker, without gray bloom from above, the bottom is heavily speckled with brown, which predominates in color. The sizes are not large - the wing of male females (32.3) Apparently, the geographical race of the Saker Falcon (F. cherrug), the final solution to this issue is possible after clarifying the details of the distribution of these falcons in the space between India and Turkestan.

Mediterranean Saker Falcon Falco biarmicus

Mediterranean Saker Falcons are distributed in several forms in southern Europe, Africa, and western Asia. They are very close to Falco cherrug and many bird watchers (Kleinschmidt et al.) Consider them as geographical forms of this species. The correctness of this view is highly probable.

Lanner Falco biarmicus tanypterus

Bird of the southeastern Mediterranean basin - Nubia, Egypt, Arabia, Palestine. According to E. Hartert, one copy was obtained from Sarepta on the Volga in 1898.

The adult bird is grayish-brown with a reddish transverse pattern and with a gray loin and upper tail, smoky brownish tail with a thin reddish cross pattern, buffy or white underparts, with spots and specks on the crop, chest, belly and upper tail and transverse stripes on the sides pants, crown of red with a pinkish tinge and blackish streaks, narrow dark brown mustache. In juveniles, the red color of the crown is dirtier and the streaks on it are wider, the top is dark brown with red rims and rounded spots of the same color on the tail coverts, the middle tail feathers are dark brown with a red top, the rest are with red transverse spots, the goiter, chest and belly are dirty yellow reddish with dark-brown stripes widening towards the tip of the feather; in adults, the legs, the wax and the ring around the eyes are yellow, in young ones the legs are yellowish, the wax is bluish, the eyes are dark brown. Wing of male females tail of male females

Similar forms are found in the countries of the Mediterranean Sea, Asia Minor, Palestine and various parts of Africa.