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Gray artam is a species of birds from the swallow shrike family


Gray artam

Gray artam is a bird species from the swallow shrike family.

The species is common in South and Southeast Asia. Common in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, and China. Absent in the very arid regions of western India. Registered in the Maldives.

The body is 16 - 19 cm long, weighing 27 - 42 g. These are birds with a strong appearance, with a flattened head, a short conical beak, long pointed wings with a very wide base and a short straight tail, as well as rather short legs. The head and back are ash gray. The wings and tail are bluish-gray. The lower body is light gray. The legs are gray-blackish, the eyes are dark brown, and the beak is bluish-gray.

Lives under the forest canopy. Keeps in small flocks. It feeds on insects, mainly flying. Sometimes it eats the nectar of flowers. The breeding season lasts from February to July. Forms monogamous pairs. Builds a cup-shaped nest in the trees. In clutch there are 2 - 3 greenish eggs. Incubation lasts two and a half weeks. Chicks leave the nest three weeks after hatching.

  • Artams lat. Artamus is a genus of birds from the swallow shrike family. Artams are common on the continent of Australia and Oceania. Gray artam Artamus fuscus
  • fuliginosa Hooded crow - flutist Strepera versicolor Subfamily Artaminae Genus Artam Artamus Gray artam Artamus fuscus White-backed artam Artamus
  • Kan Artam was born on June 30, 1981 in Istanbul, a Turkish race car driver from an auto racing family. He took part in the 2005 GP2 season for the iSport team, also
  • White-backed artam lat. Artamus monachus is a bird species from the swallow shrike family. Endemic to Indonesia. Distributed on the islands of Sulawesi, Lembe
  • Gray goose lat. Anser anser is a waterfowl of the duck family, one of the most famous species of wild geese. Gray goose - a bird up to 70 - 90 cm long
  • karting series until 2010 As early as 2011, Artyom began to compete in open-wheel series taking part in the ADAC Formel Masters series as part of the Motopark team
  • Artyom Yurievich Sitak b. February 8, 1986 in Orenburg, USSR - New Zealand professional tennis player of Russian origin, played until 2011
  • Artyom Alekseevich Anisimov b. May 24, 1988, Yaroslavl, RSFSR, USSR - Russian hockey player, center forward. Currently a player
  • Junior Grand Prix series, although he scored the necessary number of points to participate, winning the stage in Bulgaria and becoming the third in Austria. For the same reason, Artyom does not
  • Artyom Viktorovich Solovey Belor. Artsyom Viktaravich Salavey November 1, 1990, village Selovschina, Berezovsky district, Brest region, BSSR, USSR - Belarusian
  • Artyom Vladimirovich Milevsky Belor. Artsyom Uladzimiravich Mileuski, Ukrainian Artem Volodymyrovich Milevsky family. January 12, 1985 1985 - 01 - 12 Minsk - Belarusian
  • reflection series In Memory of Artyom Borovik NTV, 2001 Documentary Artyom NTV, 2005 Documentary Film by Alexey Alenin Artyom Borovik. He
  • mail artist Rud Janssen began a series of mail interviews that became an important contribution to mail art.By the 1990s, mail art reached its peak in terms of global
  • Artyom Grigorievich Laguta b. November 12, 1990, Sukhodol village, Shkotovsky district, Primorsky Territory - Russian speedway racer. Master of Sport. Double
  • Artyom Merry real name Nikolai Ivanovich Kochkurov 1899 - 1938 - Soviet writer. Born on September 17, 29, 1899 in Samara, in the Kryuchnik family
  • Arthur Art Tatum eng. Arthur Art Tatum, b. October 13, 1909, Toledo, Ohio, USA - November 5, 1956, Los Angeles - American jazz pianist
  • Artyom Igorevich Kobzev b. October 15, 1953, Moscow - Soviet and Russian historian of Chinese philosophy. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor. Born
  • Artyom Alexandrovich Lyskov b. June 29, 1987, Vologda - Russian theater, film and musical actor. Graduate of the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute x p
  • Artyom Mikhailovich Tarasov July 4, 1950, Moscow - July 22, 2017, in the same place - Soviet and Russian businessman, People's Deputy of the RSFSR 1990 Deputy
  • Art-Rodnik is a Russian publishing and production company founded in 1996. The publishing house publishes books and albums on art
  • Artyom Sergeevich Dzyuba b. August 22, 1988, Moscow, USSR - Russian footballer, striker and captain of the St. Petersburg Zenith and the Russian national team. Deserved
  • Artyom Alexandrovich Sour Belor. Artsyom Alyaksandravich Kisly April 28, 1989, Grodno, Belorussian SSR, USSR - Belarusian and Russian hockey player, right
  • Artyom Grigorievich Sheinin b. January 26, 1966, Moscow, RSFSR, USSR - Russian journalist and TV presenter, First Deputy Director of the Directorate of Social
  • Artyom Vasilievich Chesakov October 20, 1993 1993 - 10 - 20 - master of sports of Russia of international class jumping into the water Artyom Chesakov trains with Gennady
  • Artyom Alexandrovich Skitov Belor. Artsyom Alyaksandravich Skitou b. January 21, 1991 1991 - 01 - 21 Vitebsk - Belarusian footballer, football defender
  • Art Oenfer Dr. Irl. Art Oenfer, Art the Lonely also Art Mac Quinn Dr. Irl. Art mac Cuinn, Art son of Conn II century - legendary High King
  • Artyom Igorevich Voronin b. July 22, 1991, Vidnoe - Russian hockey player, forward. Pupil of the Moscow hockey school Krylya Sovetov How to start
  • Comix - ART Comics - Art - imprint of Domino publishing house which worked in cooperation with Eksmo company Was created in 2008. Specializes in
  • Wikipedia has articles about other people with this surname, see Rebrov. Artyom Gennadievich Rebrov b. March 4, 1984 1984 - 03 - 04 Moscow - Russian footballer
  • Artyom Yurievich Nych b. March 21, 1995 1995 - 03 - 21 in Kemerovo, Russia - Russian professional road cyclist. Since 2015 he has been playing for the team

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Gray artam.

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