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Fluffy chasers

Downy Chasers are a genus of crane-like birds of the monotypic family Sarothruridae. There are 9 species, of which 7 species are common in sub-Saharan Africa, and two species in Madagascar.

Birds reach a body length of 14 to 17 cm with a weight of 25 to 58 grams. Their body is compact, the tail is short. With the exception of the mirrored fluffy slug Sarothrura ayresi, the birds show pronounced sexual dimorphism in plumage coloration. Males have predominantly black or dark brown plumage with a pattern of white stripes or dots characteristic of each species, and a chestnut head. Females are mostly brownish with the exception of Sarothrura ayresi. The iris is brown, the beak is brown or gray, and the legs are also brown or gray. The tail is black or chestnut. The eggs are white. All chicks have black downy plumage.

All species lead a very secretive lifestyle, some in thickets and forests, others in swamps or meadows. As far as is known, birds feed on seeds, insects and small snails.


  • Chestnut-headed Furry Chalice Sarothrura lugens
  • African furry rabbit Sarothrura boehmi
  • Variegated furry rabbit Sarothrura elegans
  • Red-breasted furry ratchet Sarothrura rufa
  • Lemurian chase Sarothrura watersi
  • Chestnut-tailed fluffy ratchet Sarothrura affinis
  • Pearl fluffy saucer Sarothrura pulchra
  • Mirror Furry Chase Sarothrura ayresi
  • Madagascar furry snout Sarothrura insularis

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Pearl fluffy chase

The pearl fluffy chase is a species of crane-like birds from the Sarothruridae family. Distributed in West and Central Africa.

The bird is 17 cm long. In males, the head, chest and tail are reddish-brown, the back and belly are black, covered with white specks. The color of the plumage in the female is also reddish-brown, like in the male, in contrast to all other females of the genus, while the rest of the body is dark brown with beige stripes.

Inhabits rain forests, secondary forests, plantations, waterlogged meadows, as a rule, not far from water bodies. It feeds on invertebrates, insect larvae, earthworms, nematodes, leeches, small gastropods and spiders. The species feeds during daylight hours, and its activity is higher in the early morning and at sunset. Very little is known about the breeding season, but in most areas, the species reproduces during the rainy season.

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A separate group is made up of fluffy chasers. The British and Americans call these birds flufftails, that is, fluffy tails. In their tail. 5 francs Variegated furry chase Sarothrura elegans. The size and weight varies from 12-13 cm and 40 g in the white-winged carrion Porzana exquisitus to 59 63 cm. Genus Furry carriages Sarothrura 9 species. Birds Variegated furry chase Sarothrura Numista. Such as the big and Amur bittern, Indian shepherd boy, baby coot, black mallard duck, merlin falcon, white-winged rat, All you need to know before you start a furry animal at home.

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Variegated fluffy chase. 2. African beak. 3. Kaffir horned raven. 4. Crowned eagle. 5. Royal Heron. 6. Kalao trumpet player. Burundi 5 francs 2014 African variegated birds. Fluffy chasers are a genus of crane-like birds from the Sarothruridae family. There are 9 species, of which 7 species are common in sub-Saharan Africa, and two species in Madagascar. Birds reach a body length of 14 to 17 cm with a weight of 25 to 58 grams. Search results whistle 16 Birds of Altai. 5 francs Burundi 2014 Birds Variegated fluffy carrion. 5.45 rubles In garbage. 1 2. Showing 1 to 12 of 13 total 2.

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Artificial moss stones green moss balls fluffy moss cover stones of different sizes for floral design in the center of the parts. Moorhen, shepherd boy and chasers All about hunting. Small pogonush - Porzana parva. 29. Little bogeyman - Porzana pusilla Fluffy sheep - Helictotrichon pubescens. 47. High pearl - Melica.

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From the shepherd family, such well-known representatives are: fluffy moors, horned moors and white-breasted moors, sultans and carriages. Black Pogonish At Kruger National Park South Africa iStock. Abuko is the only place in Gambia where you can see the green and purple bananoed turaco, African furry chasers. Burundi Burundi 5 francs 2014. Jubilee: Motley. Fluffy chase. When purchasing this product, you will receive the coin shown in the photo. Basic. The country. Burundi. Denomination 5 francs.

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