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Peruvian Singing Swift Ant / Hypocnemis peruviana


Leaving Peru, I took with me a medical tincture of chirik sanango - to strengthen the nerves. The medicinal tincture did not require a special diet, only alcohol and pork were prohibited. There was no bodily effect from it, but after a while the dreams became more vivid.

I wanted to get acquainted with the shamanic aspect of this plant. Due to my interest in lucid dreaming, I decided to do a retreat with tweet sanango.

The retreat meant complete privacy. For 4 weeks I lived alone in a small house in the jungle, occasionally communicating with the person who brought me food. The diet was stricter than for Ayahuasca - 1 type of non-predatory river fish, cooked on coals, and a boiled unsweetened banana, which tasted a bit like a potato.

Regardless of how many days a person drinks the sanango chirp, even if only once, the diet must be followed for 7 days, since sanango works for 7 days.

A surprising surprise for me was that all realizations did not occur on days when I drank sanango, but on days of rest. But I'll start in order.

On the first day, they helped me cook the sanango tweet, then I cooked it myself.
For a shamanic drink, fresh root bark is used, and it is infused with water. Every evening I pulled one root out of the ground, made a tincture from it, and drank it in the morning.

Sanango has a very pleasant sweet taste. No nausea or vomiting like with Ayahuasca, and in general it is very different from Ayahuasca. A few minutes after taking the drink, the lips and the tip of the tongue become a little numb, the fingers and toes begin to tingle, you don't want to move, and the best thing to do is sleep or just lie down. A few hours after taking a drink, if you get up and go somewhere, it sways a little. The state slightly resembles alcohol intoxication, but it is of a completely different kind. Consciousness is clear despite staggering.
The motto of the first week was "I'm bored!" I didn’t do anything at all, I just lay there, and different thoughts were spinning in my head. Sometimes I remembered that I would have to contemplate, listen to sounds, but it didn't take me long. In general, during the retreat, thoughts arose dozens of times like "nothing is happening, sanango does not work, I am wasting my time" and so on. It was tempting to end the diet and go home. But such moments need to be able to wait. As the Chinese proverb says, "The temptation to give up will always be especially strong shortly before victory."

On the 5th day, there was a sudden moment of clarity. The mind fell silent on its own, and I saw that there was a jungle around me. I've seen them before, of course, but not so clearly. The jungle attracted the unknown and I wanted to get to know them better. But just walking in the jungle and looking with your eyes is not that. I wanted to penetrate deeper, get acquainted and communicate with living creatures living in the jungle - animals, plants, forest spirits. I never believed in spirits, but at that moment I felt and knew that the jungle world is not limited only by what we can see with our eyes. And I wouldn't even be surprised if the spirit of Sanango emerged from the trees. I said: "Lead me, Sanango. I am ready to plunge into the mysterious world of plants. I am ready to learn to live in a new way. I really want to break out of the human circle of habits and worries about myself. Let me get to know you."

Squirrels came to me that day. Yes, yes, it turns out there are proteins in the Amazon. Black, with bushy tails the size of themselves. One squirrel made a half circle in front of my hut, deftly jumping from trees to the ground and back, as if showing me the art of moving through the jungle.

The motto of the second week was "Everything pisses me off". It wasn't until some time after the retreat that it dawned on me that Sanango was working with my nervous system and was bringing to the surface emotional states that weakened the nervous system. But in the diet, I did not understand this, and the mind tied anger and irritation to any events. Most of all, the girl who carried food to me got it. There was too little food, then too much, then the fish was undercooked, then overcooked. It even pissed me off when she greeted me affably, and once I told her that when she greets me, it knocks me out of the right state, and asked her not to talk to me at all.

By the end of the second week, Sanango began to reign over my bones. The bones ached from the inside, more and more every day. In the third week, he reached the skull and eye sockets. The sensations were as if they were scraping inside the bones with a large iron hook.

New sensations began to appear in the body. Fever often began to run through the body at night. Tingling and vibration were sometimes felt.
In a dream, the sensations of vibration in the body intensified, and the more lucid the dreams were, the stronger the vibration was felt. In one of my dreams, I looked at my hands, and the vibration went up in a wave through the body, it was especially strong in the back, from the coccyx to the crown of the head. In unconscious and semi-conscious dreams, the plots were built around the sensation of vibration. Either I dreamed that a bee bites me, and the skin tingles from its bites, then the plot of the dream was a drug overdose, which explained the strange sensations in the body. Every time I woke up, I felt vibration in my physical body, but it was less pronounced than in a dream.

At the end of the third week, waking up in the middle of the night, I saw a group of people among the trees. They talked, gestured, got up, sat down, walked, danced, ate, but everything happened at an accelerated pace. Like a movie set on rewind. It was not a vision, the people were real, the moonlight fell on them as well as on everything else. Outlines and chiaroscuro obeyed the same laws of physics as for other visible objects. I was lying on my side, and in relation to me people stood and sat upright. But in relation to the horizon line, they lay on their side. At first I assumed that it was some kind of forest spirits, but after watching for a while, I realized that I was seeing my dreams in fast forward. Sanango blurred the line between sleep and wakefulness.

The next night, on one of the waking ups, I began to hear the sounds of the jungle with one ear, and with the other ear I continued to hear the sounds from the dream. I tried to open my eyes to see the jungle with one eye and the picture in a dream with the other, but I woke up completely, having time to feel a push into the navel at the moment of waking up, similar to how a cork is inserted into a bottle.

The most interesting thing happened on the last day of the retreat. This fact was the latest proof for the doubting mind, which still said that the action of chirik sanango was due to its constituent alkaloids. I haven't drunk sanango in 3 days. There could be no doubt. Sanango is truly a living being, and he was revealing to me the secrets of the energetic universe.

I spent most of the day contemplating the jungle. Objects blurred, a white line appeared in the peripheral vision on the right, resembling a wall. I couldn't see her in any way. When she tried to look at her and looked at her, she went to the right with her eyes. Multi-colored glowing spots floated in space. At sunset, a white glow appeared on the sides of the field of view, and a violet and green glow appeared below. I felt vibration and warmth in my forehead. Above, the light began to beat, as if someone had turned on a spotlight. After a while the light from above
transformed into a bundle of glowing fibers that encircled my head like a cap. They came out of my head and connected at one point above my head at a distance of 30-40 cm.

The white glow on the sides of the field of view also gradually formed into fibers. I was like in a big egg. Only the bottom was missing. When it got completely dark, the vision of the fibers of the "egg" went away, and I again began to see floating multi-colored glowing spots.

A few days later I saw (or felt) my entire "energy body". It really looks like a luminous egg, with a bright shell, and consisting of glowing fibers, or vibrating strings. Inside the luminous egg was not only my body, but everything that I saw, heard, smelled, felt, that is, my interpretations of energy objects.

As I already said, all the most interesting things in the chirik sanango retreat happened not on the days when I drank the infusion, but on the days of rest. But the events that took place after the completion of the diet, while I was pouring into the rhythm of my everyday life, became a complete surprise. Sanango threw me into the second attention (Castaneda's term) - a vision of the energetic side of the world, and revealed to me that part of myself that had previously been inactive and was buried under a layer of dreams. Unfortunately, I still do not have enough words to describe these events, they are too different from everything that we encounter in everyday life.

A few months later, I realized another, more significant effect of chirp sanango in everyday life. He made the nerves strong. I became more balanced and calmly reacted to situations that previously pissed me off. Depressive moods, boredom and irritability are gone. Explosions of delight have also decreased. Most of the "event - emotional reaction to event" ligaments were torn. It became easier for me to manage my mood

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Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil

Peruvian Warbling-Antbird, River Javari, Peru

PERUVIAN WARBLING ANTBIRD MaleHypocnemis peruviana... This male Peruvian Warbling-Antbird was observed on the lower east slopes of the Andes in northern Ecuador at 6:53 AM on October 4, 2019.

The Peruvian Warbling-Antbird belongs to the family Thamnophilidae and is found from southern Colombia south through Ecuador and Perú to northern Bolivia and western Brazil. This species was previously referred to as Warbling-antbirdHypocnemis cantator prior to that species being split into 5 species.

Este macho de Hormiguero GorjeadorHypocnemis peruviana se observó en las cuestas orientales inferiores de los Andes en el norte de Ecuador a las 6 y 53 de la mañana el 4 de Octubre de 2019.

In Brazil, Hypocnemis peruviana has the common name Papa-formiga-cantador.