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The bird's official name is Emberiza rustica. Remez oatmeal belongs to the oatmeal family, has a small body size, bright color. It belongs to migratory birds, does not have a permanent habitat. The population inhabits the territory near water bodies, not far from fields, lands.

Remez oatmeal Emberiza rustica

History of the species

The population has plummeted. She lived in 2 main territories:

  • Karelia,
  • Arkhangelsk region.

Until 2005, the number of the species has sharply decreased by almost 2 times. In some regions of the country, the species disappeared completely. Even in the protected area, it was not possible to increase the number.

According to 2015 data, the number of Emberiza rustica decreases by more than 10% every year. Scientists associate the negative trend with the migration of the species. Certain negative factors occur during the flight or at the wintering site. Traditionally, bunting stops in winter in China, Korea and Japan.

External characteristics

The main difference between the bird is its bright color. It allows you to find a bird among similar ones. A separate similarity of oatmeal is observed with the reed subspecies.

The bird's body is small. Outwardly, it resembles a sparrow in size. The overall color is brown but uneven. There are dark, almost black stripes all over the body. The color of the head is different for the female and the male. The male has dark spots on the head. He has white eyebrows and a light neck. The female's head is more brown, has a uniform color. The neck is spotted without dark parts.

The species has a crest - one of the main features. The crest consists of raised feathers. The back of the head and chest are bright, brown or brown.

The total body length is no more than 15 cm. The weight of an adult is from 16 to 21 g. Males are often slightly more in weight than females. The total length of the wings is 7.5 to 8.5 cm.

The tail is thin but long. It consists of several hard feathers. Tail color, like body color. Legs are long, thin, brown. The neck is shortened, almost absent. It is covered with a thick layer of feathers.

Brief description of the species

Remez Bunting lives along the Bering Sea. In summer, the fields of the northern part of the country become habitat. For wintering, the bird flies towards Asia, where the currents are warmer. Coniferous forests are an ideal nesting place. If there is a reservoir nearby, fields, the bird does not often have to change its habitat.

The moisture of the forest allows you to find suitable food, especially during periods when the female is tied to the nest. The population is adaptive, quickly adapting to new conditions. The bird is afraid of people, tries to avoid.

The singing is loud, subtle. Bunting's voice can be confused with other forest species. The voice changes depending on the season, the onset of the mating season. Males are louder than females.


The diet of oatmeal is varied. It depends on the conditions where the flock lives. Usually the diet consists of berries, plants.

On rare occasions, oatmeal eats insects. Berries form the basis of the diet in the summer, during the nesting period. The vegetation is suitable for feeding the young.


The species nests once a year. The branches and vegetation of the forest are used to create a nest.

Inside the nest is lined with thin grass and hair. The average clutch consists of 4-5 small eggs. Eggs vary in color from green, blue to brown. Incubation lasts up to 2 weeks. Chicks quickly become independent.

Real oatmeal

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  • Remez oatmeal Emberiza rustica
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  • Emberiza affinis
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  • Bunting Emberiza bruniceps
  • Emberiza tahapisi chestnut oatmeal
  • Collar Bunting Emberiza fucata
  • Garden oatmeal Emberiza cirlus
  • Red-eared bunting Emberiza cioides, or long-tailed bunting
  • Yellow-browed Bunting Emberiza chrysophrys
  • Black-throated bunting Emberiza tristrami, or taiga bunting
  • Somali Bunting Emberiza poliopleura
  • Variegated Bunting Emberiza striolata
  • Red-necked Bunting Emberiza yessoensis
  • Jankowski's bunting Emberiza jankowskii
  • Gray Bunting Emberiza cineracea
  • Bile oatmeal lat. Emberiza bruniceps is a species of birds of the bunting family. Traditionally, real buntings are included in the genus Sometimes together with black-headed
  • Taiga bunting or black-throated bunting Emberiza tristrami is a bird from the genus true bunting of the bunting family Emberizidae. Latin name given
  • Black-headed bunting lat. Emberiza melanocephala is a species of birds of the bunting family. Traditionally, real oatmeal is included in the genus Sometimes together with bile
  • Garden bunting lat. Emberiza hortulana - a bird from the genus Emberiza of the bunting family Emberizidae Distributed in most
  • Kozlov's bunting Emberiza koslowi is a bird of the true bunting genus of the Emberizidae bunting family. The specific name koslowi is given in honor of the Russian
  • Reed Bunting or Reed Bunting, Reed Bunting Lat. Emberiza schoeniclus is a small sparrow-sized bird of the bunting family, common
  • of the genus True buntings Oatmeal is another name for the species of fish Verkhovka of the carp family. Oatmeal is a village in the Miory district of the Vitebsk region. Oatmeal
  • common bunting Inhabits sparse light forests, mainly coniferous, steppe groves. There are two subspecies of white-capped bunting Subspecies Emberiza
  • the throat is black, the crown is gray. The female is hardly distinguishable from the common bunting female.It lives in western and southern Europe, on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea and in the northern
  • Female gray bunting can be confused with female black-headed bunting. Young birds have a striped lower body. The lower body of gray oatmeal depending
  • garden bunting with a brown throat and beard Young birds are very difficult to distinguish from young birds garden buntings from young mountain buntings are distinguished from them
  • Japanese oatmeal lat. Emberiza sulphurata is a small bird of the bunting family, common in East Asia. Breeds exclusively on islands
  • Yankovsky's oatmeal lat. Emberiza jankowskii is a species of birds from the genus of true buntings. The size of a house sparrow. The top of the body is brownish, the bottom is light. On the chest
  • Stone oatmeal or rocky oatmeal lat. Emberiza buchanani is a bird from the bunting family. Generally similar to garden oatmeal but slightly smaller
  • Bunting - Remez Emberiza rustica is a bird of the bunting family. Oatmeal - Remez has a variegated plumage and is easily distinguishable from other buntings. However
  • Yellow-browed bunting lat. Emberiza chrysophrys is a bird of the bunting family that lives in Eastern Siberia. Large bunting 15-16 cm long, wingspan
  • Oatmeal is a crumb of lat. Emberiza pusilla is a species of birds of the bunting family. Body length reaches 13.5 cm, weight - about 15 g. The main distinguishing feature
  • Yellow-throated bunting lat. Emberiza elegans is a songbird of the bunting family. The only bunting of the fauna of Russia, which has a crest similar to
  • True Buntings Emberiza Linnaeus, 1758 Miliaria Brehm, 1831 Aremona Arremon Vieillot 1816 Ridgeways Arremonops Ridgway 1896 Oatmeal - Chiapa
  • Mountain bunting lat. Emberiza cia is a bird of the bunting family. Body length reaches 16 cm, weight - about 25 g. Sexual dimorphism is not expressed. Plumage
  • Glaucous oatmeal or slate oatmeal lat. Emberiza variabilis - songbird of the bunting family Emberizidae Long beak about 12 - 13.5 mm notch
  • Bullfinch buntings lat. Loxigilla is a genus of passerine birds of the bunting family. They live in the Bahamas and Antilles. For April 2017 in the genus
  • Weight 11 - 17 grams. The male is a miniature copy of the male reed bunting. It differs in color - the absence of an obvious reddish color on the back and is very
  • from sonorous flute whistles. Males of Dubrovnik, along with common oatmeal, are among the teachers of young oatmeal canaries. Nests almost
  • Oatmeal is a 2010 Russian drama film directed by Alexei Fedorchenko. Based on the story of the same name by Denis Osokin, which was published in
  • Dark oatmeal lat.Haplospiza is a genus of passerine birds from the bunting family. They feed on bamboo seeds. The composition of the ood includes 2 types. Reel bluish gray
  • Oatmeal - Inca lat. Incaspiza is a genus of passerine birds from the tanager family, previously placed in the bunting family. All species included in the genus are
  • Finch buntings American buntings lat. Sporophila is a genus of passerine birds from the bunting family. Sporophila albogularis Spix, 1825 Variable
  • Cardinal oatmeal lat. Paroaria is a genus of passerine birds from the bunting family. Red-crested cardinal bunting Paroaria coronata Dominican
  • Sparrow buntings lat. Spizella is a genus of passerine birds from the family Passerellidae, previously included in the bunting family. January 2020 in the genus

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The best is for the head of the family. I was afraid that the children would not share, what good would they quarrel because of such a Magazine for real dads Dad. Real Oatmeal is What is Real Oatmeal ?. Emberiza melanocephala is a species of birds of the bunting family. Traditionally, real oatmeal is included in the genus. Sometimes with bile oatmeal.

Taxonomy Genus: Real bunting Emberiza Zooclub.

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Description and distribution

Yankovsky's oatmeal (Emberiza jankowskii) - a species of birds from the genus of real buntings. The size of a house sparrow. The top of the body is brownish, the bottom is light. On the chest there is a chestnut spot, the cap, the stripe across the eye and the "mustache" are dark.

Breeds in northeastern China and Korea.

Conservation status

About 300 birds nest in the western part of the range. On the territory of Russia, apparently, it disappeared. It is listed in the Red Book of Russia (status 1 - a narrow-range species, endangered, probably disappeared in Russia). The reason for the disappearance is a change in conditions at nesting sites (including burning dry grass) and competition with other, more plastic species of buntings.

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