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Who is the widow of the Prince of Nigeria Natalia Vedenina with now?


Live - the continuation of the story of the Russian woman Natalya Vedenina, who at the age of 50 married a young African prince Paul, gave birth to twins from him, and then her husband suddenly died.

While her husband was alive, Natalya gave him impressive sums (moreover, she took loans for this), which Paul transferred to his homeland, to Nigeria.

There, Paul assured, he was building a big house. A few years after the death of her husband, his widow decided to come to Nigeria in order to receive part of the inheritance to which his children and Paul are entitled.

She herself found herself a new black groom, and he was against Natalya going to Nigeria, but Vedenina decided on this for the sake of the children.

She could not contact Paul's parents, but the widow was accepted by his uncle, to whom the title passed. For two weeks Vedenina settled in his "residence", and the new head of the family clan persuaded Paul's parents to meet with Natalya.

What she heard was shocking. It turned out that there was no big house there, and with the little money they sometimes received from Russia, they only managed to buy a small piece of land.

Moreover, Paul's brother Michael, who lives in Russia, told Natalya in a telephone conversation that it was his property, and he bought the land with the money he had earned himself.

Moreover, he spoke to the woman rudely, even insulted. And this - after he and Paul helped him to come to Russia, and Vedenina even took a loan for this, complains the widow of the Nigerian prince.

Now she is going to do everything to deport Michael from Russia, especially since he is registered in her apartment, and the registration period will soon expire.

Natalya also received unpleasant news in Russia - from acquaintances of her ex-husband and father of two children. It turned out that Paul was often seen with girls in one of the most famous nightclubs in Cherepovets.

Moreover, according to the testimony of the regulars of the club, he spent 25-30 thousand when he walked there. It is likely that this was the same money that Natalya gave her husband to build a house in Nigeria.

Why not everyone sympathizes with the widow of a Nigerian prince and even thinks that her children should be taken away from her? Why did Paul's parents not want to communicate with Natalia?

Did she manage to get at least something from the inheritance of her ex-husband-prince in Nigeria? What request did Paul Vedenina's mother promise to fulfill, and who proposed to her?

Meet the prince

Natasha met Paul on a dating site. The man is a prince of the Nigerian tribe, and she is a simple woman who worked as a nurse's assistant. At the same time, the age difference was 19 years old, and Natalia turned out to be older.

Despite this, they perfectly understood each other, for a long time they simply rewrote on the Internet. Then they realized that they were very attached to each other and wanted to try to be together.

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At first, the man thought to come to Russia himself, but getting a visa was not easy, and it took a lot of time. Then Natasha decided to go to her lover herself. After a while, the couple played a wedding in the city of Lagos, but the Russian woman did not want to live in her husband's homeland, because her body could not withstand such hot weather.

Therefore, after the wedding, Natalya went home, and Paul received a tourist visa a few months later and arrived in Russia, however, only for 3 months.

Life in Russia and the birth of children

The prince really liked Russia, he fell in love with Russian culture, holidays, and especially - snow! However, it was extremely difficult for him to live here. The lack of Russian citizenship made it difficult to get a normal job. Moreover, he did not know Russian.

But over time, he began to learn to speak Russian, slowly settle down in Russia, and then nevertheless achieved citizenship, after which he decided to go about his own business - to open a shop selling workwear.

Soon the Russian woman became pregnant, two twin sons appeared in the family.

Tragic incident and new acquaintance

The happiness of the prince and Natalia did not last long. One day he went with his brother to rest in a nightclub, where he suddenly had a heart attack, as a result of which the man died. The news became a real tragedy for the Russian woman, she was left alone with two small children.

Natasha was distracted from her worries with the help of that very dating site. One day a black man named Orlando wrote to her, who knew about their love story with Paul, so he wanted to support the widow.

At the same time, he admitted that he liked her for a long time. He, too, turned out to be much younger than Natalia. At first, he actively supported her, they corresponded as friends, but then a spark ran between them, a romantic relationship began.

Natalia decided to visit him in Ghana and meet him personally. Acquaintance led to the fact that the woman, already at the age of 52, became pregnant again, however, then there was a miscarriage.

Now Orlando wants to move to his beloved, to issue Russian citizenship. The woman has no doubts that he will become a great dad for her children! At the same time, the beloved are planning more joint children, despite Natalia's age.

New attack?

In northern Italy, in the city of Brescia, scientists have discovered a new mutation of the coronavirus - the "Nigerian" strain. This was stated by the president of the Italian Society of Virologists and the director of the microbiological laboratory Arnaldo Caruso.

"This is a rare variant that is currently spreading mainly in Africa, namely in Nigeria. However, there is evidence from all over the world. So far, these are few cases, but nevertheless their number is growing," he said.

Scientists fear that existing vaccines will be ineffective against the "Nigerian" strain. According to Caruso, he was discovered by accident in the tests of an African American who tested positive for COVID-19.

The emergence of the "Nigerian" strain of coronavirus became known back in December 2020. And in January, virologist Sunday Omilabu said the strain could be highly pathogenic. In addition, it has a faster propagation rate than previous variants. According to the specialist, one person can transmit the disease simultaneously to four or five family members.

The Italian city of Brescia was seriously affected by the coronavirus infection in the spring of 2020. At the moment, the number of infections has begun to grow again, so the authorities are tightening quarantine measures, the media write.

Now in Italy, 54-64% is dominated by the "British" strain of the coronavirus, which is considered more infectious. This is evidenced by the data of the Higher Institute of Health. In early February, the spread of this strain among those infected was less than 20%.

Against the background of a new increase in the incidence, Italian specialists announced the onset of the third wave of the pandemic. The Italian government has decided to close kindergartens and schools in the red zones with the most unfavorable epidemiological situation. The number of people infected since the start of the pandemic in the country is already approaching 3 million.

Photo: Moscow 24 / Julia Ivanko

Isn't it the end of the world?

Sergei Voznesensky, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the RUDN University, told Moscow 24 that with a high degree of probability the "Nigerian" strain of coronavirus will reach Russia, but this is not a reason for panic.

"From the point of view of vaccine manufacturers, all previously identified mutations, as they declared, fall under the effectiveness of vaccines. That is, our manufacturers argued that previously identified mutations are not terrible and they are taken into account in the vaccine," the expert explained.

The specialist also stressed that, if necessary, the drug can be adjusted. “An example is the influenza vaccine: it is being finalized every year, therefore, if the immunity is not protective and there is a need to create new drugs for specific prophylaxis, of course, such a task will be set and will be solved,” Voznesensky assured.

In turn, a leading researcher at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, virologist Maxim Skulachev, in an interview with Moscow 24, said that it is not yet known about any fundamentally new properties of the detected strain. At the same time, the expert noted that it is very similar to the South African version.

According to Skulachev, last week the Moderna company was engaged in the correction of the existing vaccine against the "African" strains. Technologically, it is not difficult to do this for the Russian Sputnik V, he added.

If foci of an epidemic arise due to a changed strain, then an updated version of the vaccine will need to be used in them. “It will be clear in about six months,” Skulachev believes.

The virologist reassured everyone who had already been vaccinated: they are protected in any case. But how well, it will be possible to verify only when the "Nigerian" strain reaches Russia, summed up the interlocutor of Moscow 24.